Truckman.NET is a terminal automation system for monitoring, controlling and managing the truck loading process in oil terminals. Truckman.NET consists of the following subsystems:

  • Loading management system
  • Isle automation system
  • Additives subsystem (Optional)
  • Interface to SAP (Optional)
  • Terminal gate and truck weighing (Optional)
  • Deliveries and customs clearance (Optional)
  • Central monitoring and control (Optional)

Truckman.Net can be combined also with:

Tank Gauging


Truckman.NET Gauging Software provides the following functionality:

  • Interface with tank gauging system hardware (e.g. ENRAF)
  • On-line monitoring and display of tank levels, temperatures, densities and water levels
  • Calculated Gross, Net and weight values of products in tanks based on tank strap tables
  • Monitoring and handling of High, High-High, Low and Low-Low level alarms
  • Graphical display (mimic diagram) of terminal tanks.
  • Historical data base of tank measurements Trend charts of tank measurements
  • Data reconciliation of measured and expected quantities based on delivery protocols and loading



Truckman.NET SCADA is used for monitoring and control of industrial installations. The SCADA system provides:

  • Overall industrial installation mimic display
  • Interfaces to various Control Systems, PLC's, RTUS and measurement devices
  • Remote control
  • Automates startup, shutdown and other industrial automation tasks
  • Interlocks · Event and alarm monitoring
  • User customizable station configuration


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide high quality industrial automation systems using the latest technology and applying powerful research results from areas such as self- adaptive systems and autonomic computing